Early-Mustang Cowl Repair - Cowl Repairs

Finally, after drilling out a ton of spot welds, the cowl cover was off. The worst welds were the ones where the cowl cover connects to the bottom part of the cowl assembly. These are barely visible (at least on my car), and after drilling out all the spot welds I couldn't figure out what was holding the cover in place. After a bit I noticed them and got them all drilled out too. This is visible in the next picture. You can see 2 groups of spot weld drill outs. The bottom grouping is the hidden one. Also in this picture you can see how the drill bit method leaves a small indentation in the bottom layer of metal but if you're careful doesn't go thru it.

With the cover now off, the full extent of rust was visible. It was not a pretty sight. It's a bit hard to see in the next picture, but the driver's side was nothing but swiss cheese. The cowl area was also full of years worth of leaves and other debris, which hastened the rotting process.

The passenger's side wasn't quite as bad, but the hat was completely rusted off of it and it was also full of a ton of junk.


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